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3 Reasons Why Doing Your Taxes Early Is Beneficial

There is one thing in life that almost everyone hates equally. You probably already guessed it as well since the answer is taxation. No one likes filing taxes but it is something that you must do as an entrepreneur. There are some simple ways to make filing your self-assessment forms a little bit easier and it is a good idea to take taxes seriously. For instance, here are the three reasons why doing your taxes early is really beneficial for you.

Doing Your Taxes Early

Doing Your Taxes Early

1. You Can Get Your Money Back Earlier

If you end up paying too much tax or you are entitled to refunds and filing your taxes earlier and on time can really help you get your money back earlier as well.

You can avoid the thousands of other people who file their taxes on the last day, or even late, and get rewarded with a nice payment much quicker.

There is also an additional incentive to pay your corporate tax earlier. In the UK the Government might in some instances pay you interest if you pay your taxes before they are actually due. Therefore it is a good idea to keep this option in mind.

2. You Know Exactly What You Owe

It is very beneficial to start thinking about your taxes early because it allows you time to see how much you need to pay. When you are calculating your taxes early you can adjust to the payment a lot better, even if you do end up paying the amount only on the final due date.

Knowing what you need to pay in advance is really important for controlling your money. It might even allow you some time to adjust to the amount you need to pay by spending or investing more money and thus lowering the amount you have to pay.

3. Deal With Problems Earlier

Naturally, you will also have much more time to deal with the problems earlier. Filing your taxes and self-assessment forms isn’t always all that straightforward and it is much better to have as much time to prepare for it as possible.

As well as starting your filing process as early as possible it is a good idea to get a helping hand from an accounting company. There is plenty of affordable accounting online available for freelancers and small businesses alike. Going through your taxes early with an accounting company can really help you make the most out of your finances.


All in all, there are much more things to gain from filing your taxes early. There are also plenty of financial management tools you should start using. These don’t just make filing for taxes easier but can help you keep in touch with your finances at all times. For example, check out these apps listed by the Telegraph.

Since you have more to gain than to lose from filing your taxes early it is good idea to get into the habit of doing it. You can really enjoy a much more stress-free life and boost your finances as well.

5 Popular Business Destinations For Tax Havens

5 Popular Business Destinations For Tax Havens

Monaco (Photo credit: Pirotek)

Business Destinations For Tax Havens: Taxes can often prove to be rather annoying expenditures that Government enforces on its people. Unfortunately there are different types of taxes which are applicable to different scenarios and businesses can often face various forms of taxes as their business grows and expands. While there are many tax deductible items, they’re not much so many businesses might face an ever growing amount of taxes for each year.

Fortunately, businesses now have a little trick up their sleeves and look for business destinations for tax havens. These little havens are governed under various governing bodies that don’t always have the same amount of tax. However, tax havens have a special quality and that is that they have almost no form of taxation. Furthermore, businesses have no obligations to reveal any information which is related to their tax payments or bank accounts.

However, the following 5 business destinations for tax havens are extremely popular and many businesses are tempted by them:


With a well developed commerce and banking sector, the picturesque city of Panama is not just loved for its famous canal. Considered to be among the best business destinations for tax havens, Panama has been popular for well over a decade now. Although it still has some laws ensuring tax payments from all business ends, Panama has become a business tax haven for many local and international businesses and organizations. These businesses in turn have greatly boosted Panama’s banking sector and go for it.

The Cayman Islands

Falling under British rule, these little clustered islands are considered to be more of a tourist destination; the Cayman Islands have started garnering popularity as a great tax haven for many businesses. Its lack of income tax, corporation tax and capital gains taxes has made it one of the first places that any business chooses. With the availability of various international banks as well, the Cayman Islands is a popular place. However, there is a rumor that there has been a Community Enhancement Fee which works like a tax for the people. Find out more information about Cayman Islands offshore company regulations


A pretty exotic location that is a large popular tourist attraction, Luxemburg favors business endeavors with it’s easy to keep laws and high GDP that attracts businesses towards it. Already crowned as the second largest financial hub in Europe, Luxemburg enjoys numerous local and international businesses. Capitalizing on a large number of foreign banks, Luxemburg has money storage systems. Even after Luxemburg adopted the OECD standards the policies of Luxemburg have hardly changed from its former tax evasive ways.


Surrounded near France, Monaco’s claim to fame had been the Formula One race courses but it increasingly became a favorite among many multimillionaires and their businesses. Although there are other taxes in place, there is no income tax and no inheritance tax. While still ideal for businesses, Monaco has increasingly become more favored for millionaires through this little loophole. In fact, Monaco also has a rather extensive international banking sector which houses billions of tax free revenue.