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Intuit’s Quickbase Decides To Move Headquarters From Current Location


Intuit’s Quickbase Decides To Move Headquarters From Current Location

Quickbase is owned and operated by Intuit, the creator of TurboTax software. A cloud-based collaboration platform, Quickbase allows individuals to create applications with ease. In fact, users don’t even need to write their own code in order to use the platform. This particular company is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, and has been for its entirety. That’s going to change this coming fall, though.

English: Central Square in Waltham, Massachusetts.

English: Central Square in Waltham, Massachusetts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a few months, Quickbase will move from Waltham to Cambridge and brand new headquarters. The location is nearly 70,000 square feet in size and comprises two floors of a large office building. More space will allow the business to continue growing at a rapid pace. Plus, a location in Cambridge allows the business to attract better employment candidates, which is always desirable in this day and age.

Also, other Intuit employees in the area will join Quickbase at its new headquarters. This includes members of the Intuit Payments Solution Division, Intuit Partner Platform, and CTO team. Each separate entity will continue working on its own projects, including TurboTax software. Of course, Quickbase will continue expanding its resources and features for its users.

Quickbase offers a subscription service for countless business individuals. Undoubtedly, being able to create an application without lengthy coding sessions is desirable. The company doesn’t have much to do with TurboTax software, except for the fact that Intuit owns both businesses. In the end, a new headquarters will improve Quickbase in plenty of ways. It continues to grow each and every day with a number of new subscribers.