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The Paper Trail Of Business

Many members of the workforce try to keep their personal and professional lives as separate as possible. However, there are a few common elements between the two. Perhaps, you work with your spouse or other family member. Another common thread is paperwork. Whether you are visiting a medical facility because you fell and broke your leg or you are filling out the week’s payroll there will be paperwork involved. For many small business owners, the paper trail starts even before their dream is legally launched.

Handling payroll typically involves sending ou...

Handling payroll typically involves sending out payslips to employees. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prior to Launch

Prior to the launch of a company its ownership team has a lot of work to do before the doors can open. Legal obligations begin with setting up the structure of your company. For example, if you are the sole owner of your company, you may want to file the paperwork to become a sole proprietorship. If you plan on going into business with others, then there are other structures you and your partner(s) may want to consider.

There is also the matter of funding your startup costs. If you have enough money in your personal accounts there is likely going to be minimal paperwork involved. However, if you are looking to an outside source for funding, such as a loan, then there will be quite a bit more paperwork involved.


Once you officially launch your company the paper trail does not end there. In fact the forms will change and the amount may even increase. Every industry has its own specialized requirements for business owners to be successful. Make sure you thoroughly search your intended industry prior to launching your company. Knowing what awaits you will help you be more prepared when the time comes. For example, if you are looking to open a restaurant you are going to have to create the menu. Along with the menu you are going to have to keep track of what items are selling and what maybe lagging behind so that you can please your customers and know exactly what you need to order from your vendors.

There are also some general everyday forms that will be requiring your attention. For example, your scheduling and payroll will need regular attention. If you own a company and have even one employee you need to create a schedule that allows you to know when they should be at work as well as when you may need to cover. You are also going to learn payroll in order to pay your employee.

Marketing is another area that may or may not create a large paper trail depending on your approach. Given the advent of social media sites, marketing can now be done almost completely paper free. However, if you choose to go a more traditional route such as placing an ad in your local paper then you can expect that paperwork will likely increase.

Tax Season

Becoming a business owner means you are still responsible for filing your taxes for the business as well as your personal taxes. One way to do this is to efile 1099 forms if needed.

The paper trail of a business owner can become long and confusing. Be sure to keep yourself organized so that you know exactly what’s going on at all times!

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Intuit’s Quickbase Decides To Move Headquarters From Current Location

Intuit’s Quickbase Decides To Move Headquarters From Current Location

Quickbase is owned and operated by Intuit, the creator of TurboTax software. A cloud-based collaboration platform, Quickbase allows individuals to create applications with ease. In fact, users don’t even need to write their own code in order to use the platform. This particular company is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, and has been for its entirety. That’s going to change this coming fall, though.

English: Central Square in Waltham, Massachusetts.

English: Central Square in Waltham, Massachusetts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a few months, Quickbase will move from Waltham to Cambridge and brand new headquarters. The location is nearly 70,000 square feet in size and comprises two floors of a large office building. More space will allow the business to continue growing at a rapid pace. Plus, a location in Cambridge allows the business to attract better employment candidates, which is always desirable in this day and age.

Also, other Intuit employees in the area will join Quickbase at its new headquarters. This includes members of the Intuit Payments Solution Division, Intuit Partner Platform, and CTO team. Each separate entity will continue working on its own projects, including TurboTax software. Of course, Quickbase will continue expanding its resources and features for its users.

Quickbase offers a subscription service for countless business individuals. Undoubtedly, being able to create an application without lengthy coding sessions is desirable. The company doesn’t have much to do with TurboTax software, except for the fact that Intuit owns both businesses. In the end, a new headquarters will improve Quickbase in plenty of ways. It continues to grow each and every day with a number of new subscribers.

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TaxAct : Pros and Cons

TaxAct : Pros and Cons

TaxACT is now hitting the big time with the promise to file tax free for everyone. This online tax preparation service helps you prepare, print and eFile your federal return for free. You can file prior-year federal and state returns back to 2000 with the help of this service.

TaxACT Logo

TaxACT Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

State returns are not expensive. For additional assistance including prior-year import ability or free phone support, you need to pay for your federal return. This tax preparation service has kept on its edge on the competition by making tax time less troublesome for all taxpayers.

TaxAct provides 3 editions-

  • A free federal edition
  • An Ultimate Bundle for $17.95
  • A Deluxe edition for $9.95

For the free and Deluxe versions, you have to pay an additional fee for state filing, whereas the Ultimate version includes one federal and one state filing. Further, you can avail CD and downloadable software editions that range from $12.95 – $21.95. With this option, you can prepare and print numerous federal returns. TaxACT also helps create an accurate return to the exact dollar amount without any difficulty.

TaxACT can help you through 35 life changes. You can avail TaxTutor Guidance that provides more than 2,500 tax tips. This definitely helps you find out all the deductions and credits that you can claim. The Ultimate and Deluxe versions come with a tool, which tracks charitable donations. Further, it features a tax glossary, which contains definitions for more than 300 tax terms. This helps ensure that you know line items properly.

TaxACT is easy to use even for a first-time filer. Various helpful hints are available. This tax preparation service offers a wide array of audit support, low priced state filing and free federal eFiling options.

However, telephone support is not free. You have to pay minor charges. Further, as compared to other top competitors, their online tax information is brief.

All in all, if you do not need extra assistance, you can go for TaxACT. With the help of their service, you can create accurate returns effortlessly.

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