H&R Block Giveaway $32 Million For Tax Season

Tax Brand to Promote Sweepstakes in New TV Ads on H&R Block Giveaway

H&R Block

People who failed to win the Powerball should not be worried. H&R Block, Kansas City, Mo, based company, is planning to promote its services by giving away $1, 000 to 1, 000 consumers beginning with a lottery drawing on Saturday for 32 consecutive days. Since the price tag is $32, many people consider the H&R Block Giveaway a historical sweepstake. Kathy Collins, the tax firm’s chief marketing officer, says the sweepstakes might be the biggest one of all time.
In 2014, H&R Block prepared over 24 million global tax returns and previously offered 50 percent discounts on tax preparation services and other related promotions. It is encouraging timely filings of taxes, according to Ms. Collins. Consumers who file their taxes early have better chances of winning the lottery price.

The firm is airing two 30-second commercial ads to boost awareness of its lottery. In one spot, it features several men dressed as George Washington dance in well-designed moves. Social media and local marketing at the company will support the effort to air the commercials.

Moreover, H&R Block is running three ads to inspire people to do their taxes on their own. It promotes a $9.9 cost for DIY returns, a similar strategy to 2015. Besides, the company will begin airing two 15-second spots and two 30-second spots featuring Mr. Gartland and NBA player Anthony Davis between February 15 and March 15 for late season tax filers.

H&R Block worked with Minneapolis-based Fallon on the current initiatives. Ms. Collins provides that the company has spent an amount close to the one they spent on last year’s campaign.

Throughout the last 12 months, the tax firm has been phasing out its popular H&R Block Premium band. It has converted those locations to Block Advisers, a new retail brand with 300 regional sites. Block advisers now focus on winning consumers with highly complicated tax returns and will have a unique logo.

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